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I'm an author of erotic romance. Besides being an author. I love to read, travel, crochet, and spend time with my family.
His Grace's Payment
His Grace's Payment

His Grace's Payment 

(totally unedited blurb- subject to change) Coming in November


Bethany may have been sent to Clayton’s home to serve as repayment of her father’s debt, but what she didn’t expect was for the man to be so handsome. Neither did she ever think she would fall in love and want to remain with him forever. She didn’t think she’d want to be anywhere but in her own home. Now she has to convince Clayton that this was where she belongs, with him.


Clayton Merrick, Duke of Wiltshire loves his life of freedom and has no intentions on giving it up anytime soon. When Warren Thurlow leaves his only daughter in his care Clayton’s at a loss as what to do with the young woman. She scares him. Just being near her does things to him, makes him feel things he’d never felt before. Can he let her go when the time comes, or will he claim her as his own?