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Sophia's Desire
Sophia's Desire

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            Vince held his hand out to Sophia. She smiled placing her hand in his. He pulled her into his arms and began to move with the music. She loved how he held her tightly and the way he was looking at her sent chills down her spine. The only thing that could make this more perfect for her was if he’d tell her that he loved her as much as she loved him. She opened her mouth and almost told him the way she felt, but stopped when he spoke.

            “Just dance.” He whispered moving closer to her ear.

            She wondered why he’d brought her here to dance. Why not to a club or her apartment? They danced to the entire CD. She laid her head on his shoulder enjoying the feel of his arms around her as they slow danced in the moonlight. She felt a little chilled in the cool night air, but she wasn’t ready to leave the comfort of his arms. She didn’t want the night to ever end. She was afraid that he’d been called to return to duty or something else was about to happen.

            The sway of Vince’s body moving and caressing hers, the soft music playing, and the moon shining down on them through the trees was all so romantic. The sounds of nature all around them made Sophia glad that Vince had chosen to bring her here to dance instead of an impersonal night club.

            Here it was just the two of them and the night. It was like being in a magical dream with the sexiest man in the world holding her in his arms. The music moved through her, her body felt so alive. Her nipples were hard peaks against his even harder chest. Her nipples throbbed as the rest of her body ached for his touch. If this wasn’t such a public place she feared she’d be begging Vince to take her here and now. She glanced over at that black motorcycle shining in the moonlight and wondered if there was any way to make love on the big beautiful beast. With her luck the damn thing would topple over at the moment of ecstasy and injure or kill them both.

            She closed her eyes wrapping her arms tighter around his neck as she caresses his nape and up the back of his head. His breath was warm on the side of her neck, his lips caressing the column of her neck all the way up to her ear. A shiver went through her as he gently nibbles on her lobe.

            Just when she was about to suggest her motorcycle thought the last song ended. Vince removed her arms from around his neck, keeping one of her hands in his he turned and led her back to the bike. They rode home in the dark with Sophia hugging tightly to Vince’s back. The only noise to break the quiet was the roar of the bike.